• Russian Stylist Desires To Prove That Each Girl Is A Queen

    Latvia-based Russian musician and image-designer Konstantin Bogomolov would like to allow you to be more than. After going to Riga from St. Petersburg, Bogomolov unsealed the Bogomolov Image class that virtually changes people–or at the very least whatever they seem like. These before and after photos are simply the newest samples of Bogomolov’s art: making […] More

  • Rainbow Cat Undercut May Be The Finest Brand New Hairstyle On Instagram

    Like kitties? Like cool hairstyles? Previously considered incorporating the 2? No, we don’t suggest giving your pet a mohawk. I am talking about shaving your pet to the straight back of one’s mind! Russian Instagram individual Katichka features definitely considered it. In fact, she’s done significantly more than consider it. She’s really done it. Take […] More

  • Pac-Man Match Takes A Chew Out Of Business Fashion

    This Pac-Man match is an original answer rigid office manner, and it is ideal for those solamente evenings during the club. However, if Pac-Man mazes allow you to be or your day dizzy, then how about a Jack-O-Lantern fit for Halloween? Or a Stars and Stripes ensemble for July 4th? Produced by OppoSuits, these stylishly […] More

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